Thursday, 13 March 2014

Done & Dusted.

Hi all.

It's done. All over red rover. Finished. Completed. Etc. Etc.

When last I wrote at you, it was Thursday and I had received an email from the DNA labs saying they had received Romans sample. On Friday, the results were back at the Embassy and the news was all good. My father feels that the DNA test wasn't required as Roman has the same shaped birth mark on the back of his head that I have, my father has and my grand father had before him.

On Monday the 10th, the surrogate had her interview at the Australian Embassy.

On Tuesday the 11th, exactly one month after Roman was born, he became an Australian Citizen by Descent.

On the Tuesday when we picked up Romans certificate we also applied for his Australian passport and an emergency passport. His proper passport will be sent to Perth, and we pick up his emergency passport today Thursday 13th March 2014.

On Saturday the 15th March we return home to Australia.

So for a process we were told would take 8 to 12 weeks, we were lucky enough to have completed in 4 weeks 2 days. 

Exciting times indeed. Pete and I would like to thank Pak and Mameaw, the team at Talent IVF who were there every step of the way making the process to bring Roman home seem ever so easy. We can't thank you girls enough.

Until next time...

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Another Week Has Passed Us By.

Hi all.

On the Tuesday just gone (4th March 2014), mum and I harnessed up Roman and took the BTS Sky Train to Surasak, where we met with one of the ladies from the agency and the surrogate so Roman could give some blood for his DNA to be tested against mine.

The procedure was painless enough. Well painless for myself, Roman not so much. They pricked the sole of his foot to get the blood samples needed. He screamed the place down. Also while we were there, the fella we saw at the photo place the other day turned up so his daughter who just turned two weeks old could have her sample taken.

So that was Tuesday. Today is Thursday, and I've already received an email from the testing lab back in Sydney, letting me know they have Romans sample and that the result will be sent back to the Australian Embassy in Thailand no later than close of business Monday. Which is awesome.

Once the Embassy has his result, we'll organise a day for the surrogate to have her interview and we'll also begin the application for his Australian passport.

It's been three weeks since Romans birth and we are on the home stretch in regards to bringing him home to Australia. If this rate keeps up, we will hopefully be home well before the 8-10 weeks we were told to expect with the process. Fingers crossed, touch wood and all that jazz.

Roman harnessed up for the first time.

Just a little side note. One thing that has surprised us all is the fact that he has brown hair and not black hair like his mother. It's no big deal however we expected and were told to expect him to have black hair as it is a strong Asian trait, which again is no big deal. Perhaps it will change as he gets older. Time will tell.

Until next time...

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Little Update.

Hi all.

Today we had our first excursion to the Australian Embassy to submit Roman's Application for Citizen by Descent form. Prior to that we had to get some passport photo's of him to submit with the form. So we trudged off to a photo place up the road from the Embassy to get them done. While we were there, there was another fella from Sydney Australia that was getting photos done of his little baby born via surrogacy that was six days old, so he could submit the same form we were.

Just before we headed off to the photo place, Pete had fed Roman and all he wanted to do was sleep. Roman, not Pete. Unfortunately Roman had to be awake to have the photo's taken as his eyes needed to be open for the pictures. Needless to say it took quite a while for the photos to be taken.

Once we had the photos, we went back to the Embassy to submit his application. Now we wait for the application to be processed. Once that has been done, we will get a call to head back to the Embassy where Roman will have a DNA sample taken to be sent back to Australia to be compared with mine.

Until next time...

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Roman: One Week On.

Hi all.

I can't believe how fast time has flown. It's already been a week (and 1 day) since Roman joined the world and we are slowly getting him into some sort of a routine. One good thing about him arriving 10 days earlier than planned, is the fact that we have been able to start the process to bring him home earlier.

Roman 1 week on.

Yesterday we received a text telling us that the agency had his birth certificate (still to be translated into English) and that he had been registered to his Thai house. The text also said that we would go to get his Thai passport the following day, which is exactly what we did today.

We were taken to the passport office located in the Bang Na district and were told that people start lining up everyday from 1am to get their passports. We arrived at 8.30am and the people lining up was crazy. Fortunately we had another lady from the agency there in the queue for us since 4am.

Some of the line up at the passport office today.

At around 2pm it was our turn to go in to get Roman's passport. The process was painless enough. The lady serving us took details from the surrogate's I.D, Roman's birth certificate and my passport. They took a million photo's of Roman until they had one they were happy with to be his passport photo and then they inked his big toe to stamp his form. The stamp of his big toe will be the signature on his passport.

Roman's passport signature.

We were told his Thai passport will be ready in a week. Once we have that, the first of his appointments with the Australian embassy will be made. The DNA test will be carried out and I believe they will also interview the surrogate. I'll let you all know exactly what happen's when it happen's.

Dad with Roman.

Papa giving Roman his bottle.

Until next time...

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Roman: The Arrival.

After speaking to Addy and finding out which station we had to get off at (Sanam Pao) we made our way to the hospital. Talk about flustered. I was a mess, I wasn't prepared at all. Pete was meant to be here for the birth. The baby wasn't due for another 10 days. I was frantically trying to get in contact with Pete to tell him what was going on, so he could change his flights and get here earlier. Luckily, Pete was able to change his flights and will get here the day before the baby is released from the hospital and into our care.

Word of warning, when getting off at Sanam Pao and exiting the station walk straight ahead you will get to the hospital in 5 mins. If you turn right after exiting like we did you will get lost and it will take what felt like an eternity to get on the right track again and end up at the hospital.

When we arrived, our surrogate was being prepped for surgery so we just sat around waiting for his birth. After a while I was called to suit up in hospital gown, hat, mask and hospital issue "Crocs" to go into the operating room to witness the birth of our son.

As I entered the room, it was filled with the cries of our new born baby which was wonderful. What I wasn't prepared for was the fact babies are a horrid shade of purple fresh out of the womb. I was terrified that there was something wrong with him as the nurses went about their business with him, and all I could do was sit there helpless.

Everything it seems turned out alright as not long after they had me up having photo's taken with him.

From there he was taken to the nursery where we went to stare at him through the glass for a while.

The following day we obviously returned to the hospital to see him and spend some time with him. I also started on the first of what I imagine will be a fair bit of paperwork. First up, the application for his birth certificate which they were hoping to apply for on Thursday 13th February as the Friday is a holiday. We were told this can take up to a week for his birth certificate and have it translated into English.

Roman Peter Samaras. Born 11/02/2014 @ 13:09. Weight 3020 grams. Length 48 cm.

Until next time...

Thailand: The Arrival.

Hello Friends.

On Monday the 10th Feb, mum and I flew from Sydney to Bangkok. I was going to bore you all with the details of each individual flight (there were three), especially my annoyance with the Jetstar check in staff at Melbourne but decided not to. I will share with you the fact that mum managed to doze off whilst holding her cup of tea and spill it all over herself and the fella sitting next to her flying from Sydney to Melbourne.

Once in Thailand, we jumped in a cab (meter on) and headed to our accommodation Metro Park. There we were met by the fella we made the booking with who showed us around the complex (it is HUGE), showed us to our room, we showered, we slept.

Our apartment is nice. It is fully furnished with the basics but it is enough to make our stay comfortable. The complex itself is way out of the city however, there is a shuttle from the complex to the sky train and from there you can get anywhere for next to nothing.
The living area.

Kitchen/Dining area.

Main bedroom.

The second bedroom.

The following day (Tuesday) mum and I decided to head into the city via the sky train to do some shopping and get some sort of bearings as to where things are, when I got a phone call from Addy asking if I had checked my emails. After telling her I hadn't, she wanted to know when I was getting to Thailand as our surrogate had gone into labor (10 days early) and they were performing the C Section that afternoon.

Talk about cutting it fine...

Saturday, 25 January 2014

A quick little update.

Hi all.

Our surrogate went for her regular check up the other day and had lost half a kilo in weight since her previous check up, so the doctored ordered an ultrasound to confirm the health of little Fossam.  It turns out that he is fine, however it scared the hell out of me so I googled weight loss in pregnancy and it seems to be a common occurrence which did set my mind at ease just a little.

The doctor also ordered the surrogate to see a dietitian as her blood glucose level was high from the standard. This may also have been contributing to the weight loss.

We were also given a birth date of the 25th Feb which was then changed to the 21st Feb as the ultrasound revealed Fossam's head is a bit low to the surrogate's pelvis.

I really hope they don't bring the date forward anymore, however if they do, I hope it is on a date when we are actually in Thailand. Keep your legs crossed surrogate.

Until next time...